Hot bending

We perform both hot and cold bending. We are specialists in hot bending, and also perform cold bending using the most professional bending machines on the market. We bend plastics, including plastic sheet, and choose the bending method that best suits your needs and the material being used. Hard materials typically cannot be bent using cold bending. Hot bending should therefore be used for technical processing on hard or thick materials. Cold bending can usually be performed on PC and PETG sheets up 5-6 mm thick. Hot bending can be performed on PC, PMMA, PETG, PVC, PP and PEHD500 sheets up to 10 mm thick.

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Rolf Schmidt Industriplast can bend all types of materials. Call us on +45 7553 4166 for advice on hot or cold bending, and get a quote on what it costs to bend your component.

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