Customised solutions

Over the years, we have acquired an array of specialist production equipment, which allows us to produce complex special components based on clients’ sketches, detailed drawings or samples. Our equipment includes milling machines, turning centres, machines to hot-bend sheets and a joiner’s workshop with horizontal and vertical saws. The machines are CNC-controlled and connected to our CAD/CAM system, which produces drawings and programs.

3D printing

Get prototypes, models or fixtures made using our 3D printer. 3D printing has seen huge advances in recent years, so we can now offer 3D printing as one of our core competencies. We have extensive experience with 3D printing, and can help you get your ideas printed. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

CNC component machining

At Rolf Schmidt Industriplast, we specialise in precision CNC milling and CNC turning of components in accordance with our clients’ wishes and requirements, e.g. based on client sketches, drawings and samples. We also offer plastic welding, gluing and bending.

Glass twister

We can design and build you a two-part twister. Twisters from Rolf Schmidt Industriplast can be adapted to any conditions, and have minimal friction and thus minimal wear on the items that pass through. A twister from Rolf Schmidt Industriplast can turn your items 180 degrees. Rolf Schmidt Industriplast designs and builds twisters in many different sizes, for use with aluminium, steel or glass packaging.

Semi-finished goods/wholesale products

Rolf Schmidt Industriplast has more than 35 years’ experience producing critical components for the machine and process industries – particularly for the food processing and packaging industries.

Whether you are looking for hardness, flexibility or resistance to chemicals, Rolf Schmidt Industriplast is ready to advise you on the correct choice of materials. We receive semi-finished goods from our sister company, Centroplast, and other European suppliers.

Filling industry

Rolf Schmidt Industriplast supplies complete solutions to leading manufacturers in the brewery, machinery and pharmaceutical industries, and we also offer plastic wear parts and spare parts. Rolf Schmidt Industriplast’s project flow involves measuring, preparing design drawings, designing, manufacturing and finally installing and commissioning in cooperation with the customer.

Kvalitetskontrol - RSIP


Rolf Schmidt Industriplast offers continuous exchange of information and personal advice.

Semi-finished goods

We receive semi-finished goods from our sister company, Centroplast, and from other European suppliers, including round bars, component pipes and sheets of the following materials: PA6 Ext – PA6 Guss, POM, PE, PMMA, PETG, PP, PC, PTFE, PETP, PEEK, PUR and PVDF