Plastic profiles

We have a large range

Rolf Schmidt Industriplast has been supplying thermoplastic chain guides, belt guide rollers, wear rails, profiles, etc., particularly for the food and filling industries, for four decades. We have therefore built up extensive knowledge and a wide range of plastic profiles, so we can deliver the right plastic profile for you and your business. Rolf Schmidt Industriplast produces and stocks standard profiles and customer-specific profiles.

Chain guides, belt guide rollers, wear rails, profiles, etc. are normally made of PEHD 1000 Green, in lengths of 2, 3 or 6 metres. PEHD 1000 offers low friction and wear, and is thermally and electrically insulating as well as noise reducing. PEHD 1000 is also approved for contact with food. Rolf Schmidt Industriplast also supplies plastic profiles in other materials, colours or lengths, to your exact specifications. C-steel profiles made of galvanised or stainless steel can be supplied for the profiles.

See examples of our plastic profiles below:

  • Roller chain sprockets – simplex, duplex or triplex
  • Chain guides
  • Chain profiles
  • U profiles
  • Z profiles
  • C profiles
  • Clamp profiles
  • Flat profiles
  • Wear profiles
  • Wulst profiles
  • Nose profiles
  • Sliding rails
  • Dog-bone profiles
  • Tackle rails
  • V-belt guide rollers
  • Circular rope guides
  • Belt guide rollers
  • Guide rail
  • Curve guides
  • Special profiles
  • Chain guide profile in coils

Download our profile catalogue here