• Competent application-specific advice
  • In-house CAD design
  • Measurement at Rolf Schmidt Industriplast or at your site
  • Advice on selecting materials

Our design utilises the latest technology. We can receive files in various formats (SAT, STEP, IGES, DXF, DWG, Mechanical Desktop, etc.) and read them directly into our CAM system. Our primary design tool is AUTODESK Inventor 3D, which makes it easy to design even very complex structures. Inventor is also widely used in general design tasks, where 3D illustration offers clear advantages to the customer, designer and programmer.

We conduct measurements at the customer’s site, or they can be sent to our own workshop. After measurement, components can be manufactured to a high degree of precision.

Rolf Schmidt Industriplast has more than 40 years’ experience working with critical plastic components, particularly for the packaging and filling industries. Whether the focus is on hardness, flexibility, suppleness, stiffness, toughness, resistance to cleaning agents or low friction and wear, we are ready to advise on the right material.


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