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Semi-finished goods/wholesale products

Rolf Schmidt Industriplast has more than 40 years’ experience producing critical components for the machine and process industries – particularly for the food processing and packaging industries. Whether the focus is on hardness, flexibility, suppleness, stiffness, toughness, resistance to chemicals or low friction and wear, Rolf Schmidt Industriplast is ready to advise on the right choice of materials. We receive semi-finished goods from our sister company, Centroplast, and from other European suppliers, including round bars, component pipes, and sheets.

Plastic designations

This page explains what the various plastic abbreviations stand for, including their precise commercial names and chemical names, so you can be absolutely sure of your material selection. Call Rolf Schmidt Industriplast on +45 7553 4166 if you have any questions about plastics or which materials meet your requirements.

Thermoplastic/plastic sheets

Rolf Schmidt Industriplast stocks all the common types of thermoplastic. Many of the materials can also be supplied with

  • Additive materials
  • Electrically conductive parts
  • Glass, carbon fibre, lubricant

Plastic bars – round bars

Plastic bars and round bars are available in a variety of forms for different purposes. Rolf Schmidt Industriplast stocks all the common types of thermoplastic. PA6 round bars, for example, are used extensively in all industries for a variety of machine elements, such as couplings, due to their durability. POM round bars are used for finer mechanical production.

Plastic profiles

Rolf Schmidt Industriplast produces and stocks standard plastic profiles and customer-specific plastic profiles. The profiles are normally made of PEHD 1000 green, in lengths of 2, 3 or 6 metres. We also supply customer-specific plastic profiles that match your requirements, in terms of materials, colours and lengths.

Rexnord – Marbett®/Conveyor System

Dutch manufacturer Rexnord Nederland b.v. has developed and supplied premium-quality conveyor components for more than 40 years. These high-quality components optimise product handling and guarantee a long lifetime for Rexnord/MCC® chains.