Item turners/twisters

Rolf Schmidt Industriplast designs and manufactures two-part twisters, primarily for packing and filling applications. Twisters from Rolf Schmidt Industriplast can be adapted to any conditions, and offer a wide range of unique benefits.

We use a special food grade material in the manufacture of our twisters, which ensures minimal friction and prevents the items passing through the twister from being damaged. Ideal for conveyor belt lines where products/items need to be turned up to 180 degrees!

Benefits of using a two-part item turner from Rolf Schmidt Industriplast

  • Easy-to-clean
  • No bacterial accumulation and minimal wear
  • Minimal friction

Potential applications for twisters from Rolf Schmidt Industriplast

  • 180° rotation
  • X° rotation
  • Turning bottles, cans, lids, etc. to the left or right or inverting.

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